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Les Arbres
Les Arbres
acrylic on concrete
12' x 80'

Les Arbres is a private commission produced with composer Marilyn Boyd. This piece is site-specific to the location of the home of Mrs. Boyd in the forests of the Carolinian life zone, just outside of Washington DC. The piece was a commemorative, site-specific mural designed as a memorial to Mrs. Boyd’s late husband, a renowned American physicist.

Mrs. Boyd’s home is situated at the end of a long drive in the forest on a hill overlooking a small lake. The defining feature of the location is the forest in relation to the family home. I designed this piece based on the patterns of shadows and sunspots cast through the trees onto the wall from the surrounding forest. I photographed the patterns on the wall in late morning as the sun rose in the sky. I then projected the photographs I took onto the wall and used as the template for the underlying design of the piece.

This piece is site-specific to the location. In the summer months the sun lines up with the design of the wall and merges the house with nature.

This work builds on and expands themes surrounding relationship to environment and scale that began to develop in my work during Old Growth in Hamilton and Rain in Philadelphia.