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Chõros I Sound piece 1exhibition space 1

The audio for Chõros was designed by Kenny Kusiak, Sound Designer, New York.

For Chõros, the audio is divided into two compositions, one in exhibition space 1 and the second in exhibition space 2. In the first exhibition space, the audio is separated into five different tracks.

For this project, the central element of the sound composition is informed by live sound gathered from the city. Kenny approached this sound piece by researching the desired style, which involved collecting sound from various locations such as the subway, the zoo and city parks. The next step in the process involved creating a 'palette' comprised of instruments and sounds. One element generally governs the center of a piece, which in this case consisted of live found sound. Orchestrating around this element in ways that support the concept informed the stylistic vocabulary for the piece.

By far the largest task for the sound, but also the most rewarding, gathering material for the palette from the city was one of the best parts of this project.

The sound design is planned to work in collaboration with the software design for this piece. As each visitor enters the space, they pass through a sensor that triggers each track, respectively.