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Chõros Idrawing detail 9
Chõros Idrawing detail 9
charcoal and graphite on paper

Often, ‘space’ is reduced to things embedded within it. For instance, a museum inscribes value into artwork and archives it within a specific trajectory of growth, marking the work it preserves and simultaneously being marked by it. Similarly, like a museum, the city is a collection of personal memories coalescing to inform a sense of identity, in which the self is made of a history of places.

The city is simultaneously a theatre of sound, and sound informs sense of place and identity. Sound and space play vital roles in informing our subconscious and conscious landscapes. We translate the world around us through our interpretation of visual, spatial and sonic information. The central interchange between space and the individual is the body in motion. Like the space between words or the pause between notes on a scale, the space that surrounds us gives meaning to the in-between moments of our lives.