WORK > Chôros (dance) multimedia installation


Chõros alternates between sound and silence. The word Chõros is a Greek word meaning “a space that has a definite border.” Chõros draws associations to boundaries and edges that make up city spaces in the built environment. Boundaries between inside/outside, interior/exterior, and public/private inform the way meaning is created as people move through the city. Chõros explores the invisible and intangible aspects, the ‘ambiance’, of our environments.

Babbles of sounds loom and fade, coming in and out of auditory perception.

The experience of “being in a place” is defined by sound as well as sight. By creating a relationship between sound and visual information, this piece illuminates the way sound shapes our experience and contact with the world. Chõros highlights the relationship between our bodies in relation to their place in the world.