As I navigate tension between the poetic motivation behind my work and larger concerns I have for the climate and urban life, I reconsider how these lines are drawn across space. Each of my works originate from a desire to create spaces of contemplation that bring people into closer contact with the environment.

Themes of connection, journey, and exchange in my work are always about finding ways to restore broken histories. I focus on human stories and bringing relationships with water, light, and time into greater focus. Through my work I explore relationships between the body, earth, and movement to choreograph space. Attention to the moment is the substance through which I enter into the phenomenological.

My work is positioned at the intersection of perception and phenomenology. As an artist and designer, I create immersive works that explore how a shift in perception can generate a different understanding of our relationship with the landscapes that surround us. The specific areas of interest to my work focus on sustainability and biophysical process, with emphasis on the identification and design for specific microclimates for plants and non-humans. Within this arena stream corridor and wetland restoration is of specific focus.

Through an experimental approach, my works are designed to visualize natural forces such as wind, gravity, and water at multiple scales. These works often utilize a range of industrial and manmade materials to visualize phenomena.

Through engaged action, my work as an artist and in landscape architecture deals with theories of emergence, as well as emergence itself as a phenomenon that is under investigation. Through direct engagement with social and ecological processes, I focus on creating artworks as a method for visualizing climate change and developing climate adaptation tools. These tools bring social and cultural processes I engage with as part of collaborative design and creative engagement together with urban regeneration. This research approach situates the phenomenological exploration of individual experience within this discourse, and through engagement with critical and cultural contexts, aims to open up new ways of perceiving ecological systems.