Tropos is a research-driven interdisciplinary art & design studio practicing landscape architecture, environmental art and creative engagement on an urban scale.

About Lesia

Lesia Mokrycke is an interdisciplinary artist and landscape architect (intern) who works with visual, sound, and sculptural processes to create site-specific works that visualize phenomena. In studying natural systems, Lesia’s work explores how we experience and relate to the environment, creating installations that re-imagine relationships with nature.

Her large-scale urban design projects draw on history, memory, and time to organize geographic landscapes while focusing on issues of cultural identity in contemporary culture. Lesia's approach to design balances the humanities and science to develop works that integrate plants, water, climate, and large-scale restoration initiatives with human experience.

Born in Hamilton, she is a member of SERS, a Professional Member of CARFAC, and an Associate Member of the OALA and ASLA, currently working in Ontario.