Choreographing Climate: A Phenomenological Study

Associated Projects and Works:
Climate Cities: Addressing Urban Waste Management in a Changing Climate; Breathing Room, 2020

2020-2021 Conservation Networks: Root Logic

Associated Works:
Conservation Networks, 2020-21; Gates; Relational Ecologies: emergent systems, 2019

2020-2016 Experiments in Environment: Choreographing Space and Time

Looking at overlap between experimental methods for choreography in performance art and landscape architecture, this body of research is based on the understanding that landscape architecture and performance art share a common history. Through a study of techniques developed by Anna Halprin and later reperformed by Janine Antoni in 2016 this work examines common threads that inform a shared language in both disciplines.

Considering Anna and Lawrence Halprin's early life in New York, this analysis looks at how chance-based operations pioneered by John Cage, Allan Kaprow and others in the 1950-1960 New York art scene influenced time-based thinking and practice in both the trajectory of performance art and landscape architectural design methodologies, specifically those based in hermeneutics, over the past 60 years.

Experimental works in co-production in this series are designed to open up discourse around shared methods of practice that span multi-disciplinary methods of thinking and making. The purpose of this research is to lay the groundwork for discourse that is cross-disciplinary, to establish an experimental basis for making space, and to explore methods of contemporary social practice that can enrich public engagement.

Associated Works:
Pleats: Relational Systems: The body and climate, 2019; Folds, Relational Architecture: The body and space, 2019; City Choreography, 2019; Methods for Writing, 2016

2014 Salt & Sage | Banff Springs Memorial

Associated Works:
Passage, 2016; Salt & Sage: Banff Springs Memorial, Banff Center for the Arts, 2014