20' x 20' x 12'
steel, concrete

My recent work, Pleats, explores notational systems as indexes of localized phenomena. Experimenting with materials and forms that capture movement on a human scale, I am invested in creating a system in which the wind becomes a score for human movement and relations. This work mediates between intimacy and notions of boundaries in the public realm, and explores how these physical boundaries influence our movement patterns and interactions.

Inspired by Deleuze's chapter, The Pleats of Matter in Folds, this work challenges the notion that perception and orientation are a static experience. By creating multiple paths of travel through the piece, each frame produced by the structure creates new perspectives out into the city. As the piece changes and moves with the wind this sense of orientation shifts.

With intent to challenge notions about orientation and control, my work aims to expose the impact forms in the public environment have on our experience. In doing so, this project visualizes larger sublime forces at work in public space and invites the viewer to consider how we move through the world in relation to an environment that is in flux. Focusing on-site, rather than place in this series, my work is interested in displacing notions of what is visible and invisible.